Community Integration Program

Day Programs

Home and Community-Based Services Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation services are designed to support or assist the persons served in developing or maintaining life skills and community integration. Services also foster acquiring skills in the areas of appropriate behavior, greater independence and personal choice. The program is designed to enable and enhance intellectual functioning, physical and emotional health and development, language and communication development, cognitive functioning, socialization and community integration, functional skill development, behavior management, responsibility and self-direction, daily living activities, self-advocacy skills and mobility.

Home and Community Based Services—HCBS

Access provides HCBS services in 7 community homes, which ordinarily comprise of 4 residents who receive services on an as needed basis. These services include training in community living skills, advocacy, transportation, and daily living skills. These services are designed to allow residents to achieve the highest level of independence possible, in the least restrictive environment, according to their personal needs and choices. Special emphasis is placed on allowing individuals the option to return to, or remain in, the community of their choice.